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OperaNuts just got the Market Watch seal of approval!


Rachel spoke earlier this month with MarketWatch about her OperaNuts, the business and the challenges of starting one later in life. Hope you enjoy the read as much as we did!


MarketWatch: What does it take to make a business go from idea to reality?

Rachel: You have to have a solid background. Mine is in marketing and I did a lot of research. I wanted to find something that was not around, that somebody couldn’t knock off. It was the research and the trial and error that got it going. I am an honest person so I had that believability taken care of. What I didn’t have was the technical know-how. So I took a course at the library, one New York Cares offered as a one-on-one tutorial in computers every Thursday night. I’ve been going for seven years.

Whatever I do, I’ve always got OperaNuts or certainly my cards. One side has the information on it and the other side has a picture of the OperaNuts. That’s been an important part of the marketing. I don’t think people quite realize what it takes and how much it takes to get something going. Every inch of the way has to be calibrated.

MarketWatch: Are there any challenges starting a business later in life? What are they?

Racchel: I should tell you that as someone older, I have a very sound mind and health body, that’s really important. You can’t have a hip replacement or heart issues and start a business. I have a high level of energy, for starters. As far as being older though, I thought it would be a problem. Finally I said it to someone, a darling young woman who has become one of my dearest friends, and I said “I don’t know if I should say anything about my age,” and she said “your age is an asset, and you are an inspiration.” I listened to her.

MarketWatch: What are the benefits of starting a business later in life?

Rachel: I have all of this experience. I worked at Liz Clairborne when it was a $2 million company and it grew to $20 million while I was there. I have seen how this stuff happens. I have experience as well as enthusiasm. Often times when you’re older you have the experience but are burned out and don’t have the enthusiasm, but when you’re younger you have the enthusiasm and not the experience. I’ve got both.

MarketWatch: To many, retirement begins at a certain age, and the traditional image of retirement is leaving your job and relaxing. What does retirement mean for you?

Rachel: An opportunity to do something else.

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