The Elsè Heart

The Elsè HEART TIN for Special Days – 12oz. $22.00

Give the Gift of OperaNuts. It can’t be found elsewhere.



The Story of the Elsè Heart Tin

Years ago, two kindred spirits met on a Windjammer adventure at sea. An enduring friendship began between Else Tang-Jensen and yours truly, as we explored New York City and eventually, parts of the European continent. We both left the Big Apple a few years later, Else continued her nursing career in Copenhagen, and I went to the UK to fulfill (one!) of my dreams. Along the way I became impressed by the Danes, their integrity, their food, and their sense of design.

In 2015, I spotted the heart tin (above) from Denmark at a NYC trade show. In celebration of our friendship, I emailed Else asking if I might call it the Else Heart Tin. “It’s an honor” was her response—the honor is all mine.


Call 917-842-7737 or to order now.  We ship to every nutty state and internationally!

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