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Rachel Roth has always had her pulse on current trends in fashion, food, and culture.  A lifelong opera fan since age 12, she still recalls the thrill of seeing Carmen on stage. Formerly a leading marketing executive and fashion journalist in New York City, her love of “delicious and nutritious” food and the music and drama of opera led her to her latest business venture, OperaNuts. She’s crazy about both!

Rachel, a serial entrepreneur, launched A Moveable Feast Picnics for the Tanglewood crowd in Lenox, MA in 1980 where diners at the musical venue were offered only hot dogs/beans. She later created Rachel’s Guiltless Cakebreads, without butter, eggs, and sugar. In 2012, after months of experimentation, she offered a sweet and savory confection of rich dark chocolate and California almonds, in a secret sea salt sauce.  Voila! — OperaNuts was born.

Born and educated in the Midwest, Rachel has lived in San Francisco, London, and New York, her home for many decades. She is a member of the Metropolitan Opera Guild, MoMA, The Tenement Museum, and other cultural institutions. Her volunteer activities include English In Action, a program of the English Speaking Union of the United States, and OHNY (Open House New York.)

Rachel Roth, the creator of OperaNuts, is joined by a smashing team!

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Melissa Cruz

OperaNuts photographer Melissa Cruz also works at the New York City Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which is where she first encountered Rachel — who was organizing “Cultural Walks and Talks for Kids”. Melissa lent a helping hand , and was given a delicious blend of sweet and salty nuts in return. A firm friendship was cemented, and OperaNuts was born!


Kim Lockett

Actress and model Kim Lockett came on board after meeting Rachel at the Javits Center in New York City, during a trade show. Her sweet, positive nature shone through and shortly thereafter she joined OperaNuts as a retail associate. She can be found by Rachel’s side at events, such as Williams-Sonoma expos.


Linda Florio

Graphic designer/artist Linda Florio works from a studio in Manhattan and joined the team after meeting Rachel in a Chelsea Market wine bar — then meeting again at the Folk Art Museum. Their mutual love of culture and good food facilitated an instant bond, and after a further meeting at Eataly, Linda subsequently designed the updated OperaNuts logo. We’re delighted to have her!



Eileen Roach

Rachel and Eileen met at a New York Public Library on the Upper East Side, where Eileen was volunteering through New York Cares. Her project involved helping individuals with their computer literacy skills, and she was able to provide answers to many of Rachel’s web-related questions! In addition to her research role at Weill/Cornell Medical Center, she now serves as chief strategist — and has an abundance of great ideas for the future of OperaNuts!


2Emma Smith

Emma, a native of the British Isles, was the most recent recruit to the OperaNuts team after meeting Rachel at a New York Cares volunteer project on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

After conflicting work schedules left Eileen temporarily unable to attend these Thursday night computer sessions, Rachel was left wondering how she could fill that void. Along came Emma — a PR executive who began to formulate marketing strategies…and is a self-confessed nut addict!

2 thoughts on “Rachel and Her Team

  1. Catherine Arcure 30 Mar 2015 — 3:29 am

    This newsletter and site is GREAT! What an impressive team!

  2. What a lovely picture! I am so impressed with all the experience and creativity you all bring to this wonderful company.
    In whatever way you have come to meet and know this magnificent woman, Rachel Roth, you are all so blessed, like myself to have done so.
    Powerful women – doing extraordinary things – GO Opera Nuts! Jill Archard

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